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New to Cloth Diapering

Interested in saving thousands of dollars over the next few years?  Cloth diapers can surely be a great way to save a ton of money and I will gladly help you save all that money!

When you first think of cloth diapers, you may think, oh, I don't have time for that!  Well, you will be pleasantly suprised with the all of the changes and improvements that have come to the cloth diapering world.  There are now diapers that are as easy as disposables, but don't fill the land fills! Read more about the different kinds of diapers here.

Feeling overwelmed with all the choices, and unsure of where to begin?  Call me, I will gladly answer any questions you have and help you decide what diapering plan is best for you. Or you can use one of our trial kits or samplers for a fraction of the cost of purchasing them all to try.

How many cloth diapers do I need?

This really depends on the age of the baby and even then each baby is different.  These are only estimiates of what most babies need.

Age of baby

Washing Everyday

Washing Every-other day

Newborn - 6 months



6 months - 12 months



12 months - 2 years



2 years +