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Different Kinds of Cloth Diapers

There are 5 different ways of cloth diapering. AIO (All In One diapers): These diapers are exactly what they sound like. Everything is all in one piece, you pick up the cloth diaper and put it on the baby just like a disposable. You can add doublers to them you just lay the doubler on the inside of the diaper and put the whole thing on the baby. Some people will only use AIO diapers, they say that they are the easiest and the least amount of work. Others don't like them because they take longer to dry and you can not use the diaper over until it has been washed (unlike diaper covers and sometimes pocket diapers.) Pocket Diapers: These again are exactly what they sound like, they have a pocket in between the outer shell of the cover and the inner lining of the shell. The absorbency in a pocket diaper comes from the inserts or doublers that are slipped into the pocket. The benefits of pocket diapers are they dry much quicker because there are 2 main pieces to each diaper, you can sometimes reuse the cover of the diaper for a second change by just adding a new insert or doubler. They also are easy to rinse out in the toilet, simply pull out the insert and rinse off the cover in the toilet. Pocket AIO: There is also a pocket AIO diaper which works great for babies who need a little more absorbency. Diaper Covers: These are more like the cloth diapers of old, yet they have made many improvements. Once again, it is exactly what is sounds like, a diaper cover is solely a cover that goes over the diaper to keep the moisture in. Rubber pants don't breath and are bulky and noisy compared to today's diaper covers. The absorbency when using a diaper cover comes from the cloth diaper that is completely separate from the cover. First you put a cloth diaper on the baby then cover the diaper with a cover. Doublers can also be used with this kind of cloth diaper for adding extra absorbency. Benefits of diaper covers are the cover only has to be washed every couple of times as long as the baby hasn't pooped. They also dry quickly. Some people do not like them because they are a two step process, unlike the AIOs. One-Size: These are the newest "type" of cloth diaper. They are either pocket diapers or AIO diapers but they are exactly what they sound like, one size fits all! Each brand is designed a little different, but the rise and waist are highly adjustable to fit a newborn through a toddler. Just like the covers/diapers there are many kinds of cloth diapers. Inserts slip into the pocket in pocket diapers Doublers can be used with all three types of covers. They are simply to add absorbency to the diaper, especially for long trips or car rides, over night and as your child gets older. Prefolds: Prefolds are the old fashion diapers, again made better and more modern. These diapers need to be folded before they are put on the baby and then pinned. The benefit to prefolds is they can also be used for rags, burp cloths, and an on the go changing pad! Fitted Diapers: These are made to fit your baby, they come in different sizes and are generally fastened with velcro, snap buttons or diaper pins. Needed Accessories: Wet Bags: These are essential for when you are on the go. They hold the dirty diapers and keep the smell away! They come in all sorts of colors, sizes and styles. Diaper Pail Liner: Where do you keep the dirty diapers? In a regular garbage can with the help of a diaper pail liner. Many times you can simply dump the diapers into the washer, and then drop the bag in as well.� Don't want to use a garbage can, hang it on the door! Wipes: These are simply just that, cloth wipes. Use them for washing faces, bath times and diaper changings. Diaper Sprayer: No more dunking those poopy diapers! A diaper sprayer connects to your toilet water line and is used to spray off the diaper into the toilet. It's as easy as that!