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Advocate Cloth Diapers with Rumparooz Doll Diapers

Posted by Administrator on 6/28/2011 to Eco-Friendly Ideas
Little ones just love to imitate their mommies and that’s why Rumparooz Doll Diapers make the perfect accessory for your child’s dolls. Today’s dolls sometimes do come with diapers but even those are the disposable type! Imagine, a disposable diaper for dolls that won’t even be used! Yet they bank on your child messing up the diaper so that you’ll need to buy more for them to play with. Absolutely absurd if you ask me.

Wahmies Wet Bag Giveway Success

Posted by Administrator on 6/20/2011 to Weekly Giveaways
Wow you all must really need a wetbag because the response to this giveaway was tremendous!

Winner of the Knickernappies One Size Diaper was Samantha C, aka Baby and the Chi’s

Posted by Administrator on 6/15/2011 to Weekly Giveaways
Our Knickernappies Onesize Cloth Diaper Giveaway has now come to a close and the lucky winner according to Random.org is Samantha C, aka Baby and the Chi’s! She was lucky entry 273 and she’ll receive a Knickernappies OS Cloth Diaper with Loopy Do Inserts!

Because Argyle and Floral Prints will just look so cute in a landfill…

Posted by Administrator on 6/11/2011 to Cloth Diaper Advocacy
Have you heard that Pampers recently debuted their newest disposable diaper gimmick? Designer Prints for their Disposable Diapers. The cloth diapering community as a whole is thoroughly unimpressed. Clearly cloth diapers have and will continue to dominate in terms of comfort and style, but I guess you can’t blame Proctor & Gamble for trying.

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