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SoftBums Echo Review: I love this system!

Posted by Jenny on 1/29/2013 to All In One Cloth Diapers

About the SoftBums Echo

The SoftBums Echo is an all-in-two, one-size diaper. The Echo shell is waterproof and comes in a variety of colors and prints. Each month SoftBums releases a limited edition color or print! Shells come in either aplix or snaps. The Echo fits your baby from 6 to 35 pounds. The outer part of the shell is made from PUL, while the  inside is lined with microfleece. At the back of the shell is a snap for snapping in SoftBums pods. The sizing is a unique toggle slide-to-size design. There are no buttons or snaps, but a toggle that pulls the elastic around the legs.

About the SoftBums Pods

The pods are available in either bamboo or dry touch. Dry touch pods are made with microfiber and topped with fleece. The fleece side is safe against your baby's skin. There are various choices in sizes of pods. SoftBums offers one-size, large, or mini pods. 

My Experience

We have three SoftBums Echo shells in aplix. I completely fell in love with these diapers when I was pregnant! The fleece lining is so soft and I adore the giraffe print. These diapers truly do get so tiny to make a great fit on a newborn! Eighteen months later we are still using them on our son! I have not tried the snaps, but the aplix is still holding strong as well.  I am normally a snap fan, but I love the aplix on these diapers!

The toggle sizing system is very easy to use and is well hidden. The elastic is not marked on any of the three pods that I have. I think this would really make sizing easier and help to be sure that both legs are equal. 

When our son was first born, we used the Small DryTouch Mini Pods.  These fit great for the first couple of months with no leaks. We used them for day time only and not overnight, but our son wasn't really sleeping through the night by two months either. We then switched to the Bamboo and DryTouch One-size Super Pods.  These are really absorbent! I have no leaks with the bamboo pods, but sometimes the DryTouch pods will leak. They are long and have to be folded under to fit into the shell. This is great for absorbency, but I wonder if they are too bulky and causing leaks due to a gap. 

Overall, I really love this system! They are one of my favorite diapers and a must for newborns! If you are looking to build your one-size diapers, but want a diaper that truly fits a newborn, I recommend these! 

Author, Jenny Cloth Diaper Revival

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