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Gift Card Exchange


Squishy Tushy depends on you, our customer, to shop with us.  We have heard from so many that you received gift cards to big box stores and they don't have what you want.  What if you could exchange those gift cards for credit at Squishy Tushy?

When you exchange your gift cards with us you not only help us to keep our doors open and support a small family business, but you will also receive personal customer service, product help and care that you will not find at a big box store. Needing help figuring out cloth diapers, or trouble shooting a problem?  Squishy Tushy is here to help, box stores won't help.  Toys, baby carriers, breast feeding, we are here to help and offer one on one customer service!

Free Shipping not available for gift card exchange purchases. 

See Below for Gift Card rates. Please email for the rate of any cards not listed below.

If you have a gift card to another national chain please feel free to ask if we will accept it!

Simply click here and fill out this form. 

and then mail your cards to us.  Once your gift cards have been received and their balance verified you will receive store credit to Squishy Tushy.

*Note: We are not responsible for your gift card while it is in the mail!



 Please call our store to speak with Laura 657-210-1021 or email laura@squishytushy.com for more information or if you have any questions about the program!

Additional Details:

Gift Cards only - NO paper gift certificates.

Cards must be issued in the US. 

Balance on card MUST be verified prior to receiving store credit. 

Physical card must be in the possession of Squishy Tushy prior to receiving credit- no digital cards will be accepted.

Current Exchange Rates for Gift Cards


Amazon -- 100%

Babies R Us  -- 90%

Bed Bath & Beyond -- 90%

Best Buy -- 90%

Bloomingdales -- 100%

Childrens Place -- 90%

Coffee Bean-100%

Costco -- 90%

Gap -- 100%

Home Depot -- 90%

JC Penney- 90%

KMart -- 80%

Kohls -- 90%

Land's End -- 90%

Lowe's -- 90%

Macys -- 90%

Neiman Marcus --100%

Nordstrom -- 100%

Old Navy -- 95%

Pottery Barn -- 95%

Ralphs -- 95%

Saks Fifth Ave -- 90%

Sears -- 90%


Target -- 100%

Toys R Us -- 80%

Trader Joes -- 100%

WalMart -- 100%

Whole Foods -- 100%

Zappos -- 90%