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Diaper Rash in Cloth

Posted by Beth on 3/1/2012 to Caring for your Cloth Diapers
When your baby is in cloth, rashes don't happen often - but when they do, they can be hard to handle! Most commercially available diaper rash creams aren't safe for cloth. Using them will cause buildup and eventually will cause your diapers to repel, which isn't a path you want to head down! So what can you do to cure the rash and keep your diapers safe? There's a few options depending on the urgency of the situation:

Emergency Care:

If the rash came out of nowhere and you don't have time to order cloth-safe cream run out to the nearest convenience store (CVS, Target, Walmart, pretty much anywhere) and grab a bottle of calamine lotion - or check your medicine cabinet, you might already have some! While this may get some pink stains on your diapers, it won't affect their functionality. It's good to pair your calamine cure up with a disposable liner (available from Charlie Banana,  AppleCheeks or AMP) but isn't absolutely necessary - the calamine won't hurt your cloth! 

All Natural Care: 

If you're breastfeeding, breast milk is a fantastic cure for diaper rash, and is also 100% safe for cloth! Apply some milk between each diaper change, let your baby air dry, and continue on like any other time! Another all natural option, but one that can sometimes get messy, is to let your baby have as much naked time as possible - getting air to the rash will help it heal and will give your little one the chance to be free for a bit!

Advance Preparation:

Want to be prepared? Stock up on some cloth-safe diaper cream now instead of waiting until you need it! Some of my favorite options are from CJ'sGrandma El's, and MotherLove. These creams aren't available in the grocery store, baby department stores, or pharmacies, so make sure you order now and have it on hand if and when a rash does show up. 

What's your favorite cloth-safe diaper rash solution?
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Jamie O. Date 3/1/2012 9:33:16 AM
A paste made with baking soda and water works very well for certain types of rashes. It helps to soothe and resolve. If it's a yeast rash you can slather some plain yogurt in the diaper area for cool, soothing feeling for the baby. Yogurt will help resolve the yeast rash and just like Baking Soda is completely safe for cloth diapers.
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