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Cloth Diapers & Hybrids

Cloth diapers are not only affordable and easy to use but they are much more healthy for your baby!  Fewer rashes, potty trained earlier and happier babies are all benefits of cloth diapers that our customers have told us.  Please let us know if you have any questions or need help choosing the right diaper for your little one.
  • One Size Cloth Diapers One Size Cloth Diapers
    One size diapers are one of the newer "types" of cloth diapers.  They are either pocket diapershybrids or AIO diapers but they are exactly what they sound like, one size fits all!  Each brand adjusts a little different, some adjust the rise with snaps, others with adjustable elastic in the legs and others through hidden snaps.  Most one size diapers fit 8 lbs-35 lbs, but there are some that will fit a 5 lbs baby and others that will fit a 40-45 lbs baby. 
  • Hybrid Cloth Diaper Systems Hybrid Cloth Diaper Systems

    Hybrid diapers or All in Two (AI2) diapers are diapers that use a shell or cover and a removable soaker or insert.  Hybrid systems are usually a little cheaper complete system because you only need a few shells/covers and lots of soakers/inserts.  The shell usually can be reused 2-3 diaper changes before changing the shell and soaker.

  • All In One (AIO) All In One (AIO)
    All in one or AIO diapers are exactly what they sound like.  Everything is all in one piece, you pick up the cloth diaper and put it on the baby just like a disposable.  You can add doublers to them by just laying the doubler on the inside of the diaper and then put the whole thing on the baby.  Some people will only use AIO diapers, they say that they are the easiest and the least amount of work.  Others don't like them because they take longer to dry and you can not use the diaper over until it has been washed (unlike diaper covers with a fitted or prefold and all in 2 (AI2) or hybrid diapers.)
  • Pocket Diapers Pocket Diapers
    Pocket diapers consist of a outer shell or cover with a lining sewn on 2 or 3 sides.  The absorbency in a pocket diaper comes from the inserts and/or doublers that are slipped into the pocket.  The process is similar to putting a pillow into a pillowcase except on a much smaller scale.  The benefits of pocket diapers are they dry fairly quick because there are 2 main pieces to each diaper, you can sometimes reuse the cover of the diaper quickly after washing it because they dry very quickly, having extra inserts can make this possible.  They also are easy to rinse out in the toilet, simply pull out the insert and spray off the cover in the toilet or shake it and the a solid poo will usually roll off.
  • Covers Covers
    Covers can be used with a fitted, contour or prefolds.  They are the modern "rubber pants" and waterproof barrier.  Wipeable covers can usually be wiped clean to allow more uses before washing.  Covers dry quickly and can sometimes be hand washed to allow quicker use.
  • Fitted & Contour Fitted & Contour

    Fitted diapers are an absorbant diaper that fits all the way around your baby, or in other words the entire diaper is absorbant.  Fitted diapers require a cover to make them waterproof or to stop leaks, but with newborns some babies can go without a cover for the first couple weeks as they are not wetting that much.  They fasten with either velcro or snaps that are attached to the diaper itself.

    Contours are similar to fitteds except they do not have a fastener to hold them shut.  When using a snug cover or wrap you do not need to fasten the contour because the wings will stay in place from the cover/wrap holding them; this allows a slightly quicker diaper change.  Some parents still choose to use a snappi or pins to hold the contour shut.

    When paired with a wool cover both fitteds and contours are a good night time system or for a heavy wetter because there is so much more absorbant material. 

  • Prefolds Prefolds
    Prefolds are the old fashion diapers, again made better and more modern.  These diapers need to be folded before they are put on the baby and then pinned or fastened with a snappi.  They also require a cover to add the waterproof barrier.  The benefit to prefolds is they can also be used for rags, burp cloths, and an on the go changing pad!  They are usually the most economical diaper system.

  • Samplers/Trial Cloth Diaper Kits Samplers/Trial Cloth Diaper Kits

    New to cloth and not sure what kinds of diapers you want?  Our trial kits are here to help you so you can make an informed decision.  Here's how it works, purchase a trial kit, use it for the trial period and then send it back and get store credit or a refund for a large portion of your original purchase.   Each kit will tell you how much the refund/store credit will be and how long the trial period is.  The trial period will start 4 days after your order has been shipped to you and the cleaned diapers must be returned before the trial period has ended to recieve your refund/store credit.  Please include your name, if you would like store credit or a refund and if possible your order number with your returned diapers so that I can issue proper credit.  You are responsible for the diapers until I receive them, I do not care how you send them back to me, but most customers choose to ship them insured.  If you wish to keep any or all of the diapers from your kit, feel free to do so, the cost of those diapers will be deducted from your refund/store credit. 

    Some of the diapers you receive will be previously used, but they will be in good condition.   I inspect each of the diapers to insure after each kit has been returned and any diapers that need to be retired are replaced with new ones.

    You are not responsible for diapers that are stained, or have a manufactures defect.  If a diaper is destroyed because your dog ate it or for some other reason, the cost of the diaper will be deducted from your refund/store credit.

    What's the catch?  Nothing, you are splitting the cost of the diapers with other parents, so your cost is less.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  I have several diaper packages available if you know what brand you want, go here!

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