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Clearance & Used

Have some used diapers you want to get rid of?  Send me an email at teresa@squishytushy.com along with pictures and a description of what you have.  I will happily buy them from you and give you cash or store credit!  

To get stocking updates for Squishy Tushy's Clearance and Used section please join us on Facebook or Twitter!

All items in this section are sold as is, no warranty.  Squishy Tushy does not take any responsibility for any used items, as I can not guarentee any use or abuse by prior owners.  I try to list all items accurately. 

What is an Opened Item? Opened items are products that have been discontinued, washed, have a stain or spot or are missing packaging. They are not items that have been returned, all returned items are sold as used. Opened items are not returnable and are excluded from Squishy Tushy's 15 day Wash-n-Try policy. Please feel free to ask us any questions!