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About Us

Welcome to Squishy Tushy.  My name is Laura and my husband and I purchased Squishy Tushy from Teresa who created Squishy Tushy to share her love of cloth diapers with the rest of the world. We too want to share our love and knowledge of cloth diapering.

We started cloth diapering 10 years ago with our oldest daughter and 3 years ago when our son was a newborn, we purchased our first cloth diaper service in Orange County California, http://ocdiaperservice.com and then a year later purchased a second service in San Diego, http://preciousbabybottoms.com.  We wanted to continue our commitment to spread the word about cloth and to be available to families who need help learning about cloth so when Teresa contacted us, we decided Squishy Tushy was the next perfect addition.

We love cloth diapers for so many reasons.  The environment, the health of our babies skin, and our love of working with American Made products and so many women driven businesses.  Not to mention how cute they are.  No disposable can compare. 

We have such a deep passion and true desire to improve our children's lives and their planet that Laura has become a parenting coach in Parenting From The Heart. 

If you have any questions about using cloth or just aren't sure if its right for you please call me or email me, I may be able to help. Or check out my trial and sample kits to help you make your decision! If you have twins or triplets and need a larger package of something please let me know, I will happily customize a package just for you!

Thanks for shopping with us!
Laura & Reuben Zeni

Squishy Tushy 
7071 Warner Ave, F-85
Huntington Beach, Ca 92647